We have recently become a member of Placeshapers.

Placeshapers are a national network of community-based social housing providers.

All members sign up to these five principles:

  • Our residents and customers are at the heart of what we do and have genuine impact on our organisations.
  • We listen and provide more than just landlord services because we care about people and places.
  • We build homes that respond to the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Working collaboratively and actively with our local authorities and other local partners enables us to improve and shape places at both a strategic and operational level.
  • We are run by members, for members and are committed to a diverse, values-driven housing association sector.
Placeshapers are a national network of more than 100 community-based social housing providers.

VHA are committed to the ethos promoted by Placeshapers and even as a small RP we believe we can make a significant difference to the lives and well-being of Island residents. By joining Placeshapers we look to learn from others and gain benefit from sharing and networking.