Plans for the Future

The social housing sector has experienced a considerable amount of change within recent times. Much of this has resulted in a much more challenging environment in which to operate. We have recognised the potential impact of these changes and have undertaken an in-depth analysis of our business plans to ensure that we have the ability to remain a robust and vibrant business into the future.


Unlike many housing providers in our sector, we have chosen to remain focused on our core values and objectives, which are encapsulated in the following five points:

  • We are the Isle of Wight’s housing association
  • We aim to provide and maintain excellent homes that local households can afford
  • We look to support financial and social independence amongst our current and future tenants
  • We are community-based
  • We are good partners to work with

In order to deliver these values, we have completely reviewed our Business Plan to take account of the current realities and those which we can reasonably foresee in the years to come. If you wish to view a copy, please download here.