STAR Survey 2022

As part of our continued aim to deliver excellent services that are valued by our residents and represent great value, we conduct a STAR Survey (short for Study of Tenant And Residents) on a three-year rolling cycle.

For our current 2022 survey we commissioned Acuity, known as experts in the field and completely independent to conduct the survey. Our requirement was that we aim to achieve at least a 50% response rate, which would provide a good representation of residents' views.

This was achieved through a combination of postal, on-line and phone surveys each of which was rewarded with a gift voucher as an incentive.

The outcome was a pleasing one for VHA, with a general increase in satisfaction across virtually all areas of operation:

The results from the survey are very positive and satisfaction has increased a little since the previous surveys in 2019, they compare very well with other landlords and look even better when seen in the context of generally lower satisfaction across the country. (Acuity 2022)

Key findings are reflected in the table above

A copy of the Executive Summary can be found here