What we do

Our mission sets out that we will “endeavour to achieve an excellent standard of service in the provision, management and maintenance of quality, affordable rented accommodation for those members of the Isle of Wight community who are in need

We currently own and manage over 400 general needs dwellings and look to deliver the highest quality services within our size and financial capacity.

We are governed by a Board of Management made up of local people who are entirely voluntary.  They encompass a wide range of skills and knowledge, including the customer perspective from our serving tenant members.

Despite our relatively small size, we are an ambitious, developing association and are looking to add to our portfolio of homes by 20-25 new dwellings each year.

In addition to building our own homes, we also have a highly successful and thriving HAL scheme.  This operates on the basis that we lease properties from private owners for a period of 3-5 years, often renewable, to offer affordable homes to local people.

In addition to delivering homes that are affordable, we also provide services and initiatives aimed at underpinning and promoting the wellbeing of our tenants and local communities.