Health and Safety

Vectis Health and Safety Statement

Vectis Housing Association has adopted a Health and Safety Policy to protect all of its employees, tenants, visitors, contractors and users of premises, and to encourage safe working practices. This document explains the Policy and the systems that have been set up, within the organisation, to make sure that the Policy is working.

Please read this document carefully, and make sure you understand it. If you want to discuss safety matters generally, or have a particular problem, you should consult the Nominated Officer, or other nominated officer.



On behalf of the Association, the BOARD OF MANAGEMENT hereby gives notice of its responsibility to pursue a policy which ensures, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees, tenants, contractors, visitors, and others who may be affected by the Association’s activities, and declares the intention to meet the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and all other relevant statutory provisions.

The Board recognises that accident prevention is an essential element of good work practice and that its pursuit benefits the efficiency of the Association’s operations, as well as the welfare of those persons to whom it is responsible. It is recognised that effective prevention of injury and damage requires commitment at every level. Appropriate preventative and protective measures are, and will continue to be, implemented following the identification of work-related hazards and assessment of the risks associated with them.

Expert advice will be sought as necessary when determining health, safety and welfare risks and the measures required to guard against them.


The Board of Management sets out below its objectives in this respect. It will:-

  • Provide and maintain workplaces which minimises risk to the health and safety of any employee, tenant, contractor or visitor, whilst recognising that it cannot reasonably expect to eliminate all risks;
  • Provide a working environment of a standard that will safeguard the health and safety of its employees and other persons who are likely to be affected by the Association’s activities;
  • Assess the risks to the health and safety of employees and of anyone else, who could be affected by the Association’s work activities, record the significant findings of such assessments and make them available to employees and contractors. The compilation and implementation of practical codes of safety and health practice and conduct will be based on these risk assessments;
  • Provide equipment, tools and plant which are safe and without undue risk to health;
  • Institute and monitor procedures for the reporting of defective equipment or other hazardous conditions, and for the rectification of such defects;
  • Make proper arrangements for the safe use, handling and storage of all articles and substances used by the Association;
  • Promote the instruction and training of employees in all aspects of health, safety and welfare, so as to enable them to recognise and avoid hazards at work;
  • Inform employees, contractors, tenants and visitors of the risks associated with its work activities by means of notices and instructions, and to clearly describe the work methods necessary to minimise the likelihood of injury or of adverse effects on health;
  • Provide and maintain, where appropriate, safety equipment and protective clothing and ensure that employees are informed of their obligations in respect of its use;
  • Provide First Aid equipment, facilities and training, and to make such other emergency provisions as are necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of all employees, visitors and others allowed access to the Association’s premises;
  • Have in place a formal procedure for the recording of all accidents and instances of ill health occurring as a result of the Association’s activities and ensure that such incidents are investigated;
  • Provide satisfactory welfare and amenity facilities and make such arrangements as may be necessary to ensure the welfare of employees whilst at work;
  • Advise all employees and contractors of their obligations in Health and Safety matters, and of the penalties for acting in such a way as to endanger the safety, health or welfare of themselves or others;
  • Have in place a management structure with responsibility for making this Policy effective;
  • Ensure that accident prevention within the Association is an integral part of the operational culture within management;
  • Ensure the proper direction and control of all persons other than employees allowed access to the Association’s premises, and also ensure they are not put at risk by the Association’s work activities;
  • Control the use of contractors on the Association’s premises, and ensure that contractors work to safety rules at least of the same standard as those laid down through this Policy;
  • Arrange for Health and Safety inspections of all premises for which the Association is responsible at regular intervals, with reporting of findings and any necessary recommendations to the Board;
  • In keeping with best practice, maintain arrangements with employees for joint consultation and participation in matters relating to their Health and Safety;
  • Keep the Health, Safety and Welfare Policy under constant review and make improvements, additions and amendments which may from time to time be deemed necessary or desirable.

To view of Health and Safety Policy in full please follow this link