Homes to own from Vectis HA

As part of our commitment to provide new homes for Island households in need, we recognise that there is a real demand for home ownership. Although this may be their aspiration, lower wages on the Island or a lack of the deposit needed to secure a mortgage may be real stumbling blocks.

As a result, we have included options for home ownership in a number of the developments we are currently involved in or are negotiating.

In many, if not all cases, these homes will initially be focused on households with a local connection to the areas in which we are developing. This is generally part of a planning requirement in operation to support local communities.

We have developed 4 2- and 3-bed houses in Bembridge that have been sold at 80% of the open market value to local households.

We have also completed 2 shared ownership bungalows in Forelands Fields Road, Bembridge early in 2018.

We are looking to start on site in Bouldnor Mead, Yarmouth with 3 shared ownership houses for completion in early 2019. If you wish to express an interest, please let us know.