The Property Services team is responsible for delivering a responsive and efficient day to day repairs service to all of the Association's residents. This is supplemented by a comprehensive planned and cyclical programme of maintenance and improvement.

We use a blend of in-house and external contractors to undertake repairs. From your initial call, we will prioritise the repair into a response category and issue an order to a contractor. They will then contact you to make an appointment to complete the works.

Repair Categories:

24 hours – emergency repairs
10 working days – non urgent repairs

You can report a repair to our Repairs Direct line - 01983 520353 – between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these times you can report Emergency repairs to our Out of Hours provider using the same number. You can also report a repair directly from this site, either using the button at the top of this page or from within the MyTenancy screens.

All contractors conform to the Vectis “Code of Conduct” that ensure we deliver a consistent and professional service to residents.

When the works are completed we will issue you with a text questionnaire to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of works carried out. We will also inspect a proportion of repairs to ensure they also meet our high standards.

We have long been committed to providing safe, warm and comfortable living accommodation to our residents, and a programme of modernisation work has continued uninterrupted for many years - pre-dating the concept of Decent Homes Standards, the criteria for which all our properties meet (compliant 2009).

The Property Services team is assisted by a sophisticated IT repairs system which collates all the information necessary for an efficient and effective service.