Sycamore Drive Hedgerow Planting

Last week residents from Vectis's newest housing development came out to help us put the finishing touches to the communal areas.

The verge at the entrance to Sycamore Drive in Bembridge had been left bare in the summer, ready for hedgerow planting which needs to be carried out in the Autumn.


The ground had been prepared ready for planting by the grounds maintenance contractor, so we could get straight on to the planting. 

Native and edible planting had been chosen for the hedgerow, including honeysuckle, sage, thyme, rosemary and mint.


The sun shone all morning whilst the planting and watering were completed.


With all the smaller plants now in position, the ground is ready for the delivery of the native hedgerow which will arrive in a couple of weeks.


Thanks to everyone who came along to lend a hand!