Wild About Wight Fossil Walks

What a beautiful weekend for exploring two Island beauty spots with fossil experts from Dinosaur Isle. Our Wild About Wight project delivered two fully booked walks over the weekend, at opposite ends of the Bay area, we were able to find a wide variety of fossils and semi-precious gem stones from over 100 million years ago. 

Our walk in Yaverland uncovered evidence of dinosaur footprints, and thick layers of oyster beds crammed with fossilised shells. 


More of a scramble at times on Sunday to Luccombe had expert, Trevor, busy with his geological hammer, breaking open rocks to discover hidden treasures of fossilised shells inside. 


We also discovered a rich seam of tiny quartzite pebbles revealed at low tide in the soft mud stones. Very pretty to look at and a variety of colours from pale green to bright orange. 


Everyone went home with full buckets and pockets bulging with truly authentic souvenirs from the beautiful Island beaches.