Neighbourhood Walkabouts

Since March 2014 we have introduced a programme of neighbourhood walkabouts across the key areas of Vectis stockholding.  The programme is attached below.  Through this activity we aim to be more proactive in identifying potential issues and problems and also to take the opportunity to visit residents to ensure that we are offering the best services.    We will be particularly looking to identify stock and environmental issues, engage with a number of tenants and identify neighbourhoods that may benefit from some level of community intervention, e.g. structured gardening projects.  

We will regularly review our performance in addressing the issues identified in the walkabouts and produce an annual review of outcomes.

Our next schedule of walkabouts are printed below, if you are not available when we are in your area and would like a home visit please contact the office on 525985 to make an appointment





Bellevue Road

Arctic Road


Tuesday 28th March from 3pm

East Cowes

Acorn Gardens

Black Knight Close


Thursday 13th April from 3pm

East Cowes


Queens Court

Captains Parade

Gustar Grove


Thursday 27th April from 3pm

East Cowes


Broadsmith Avenue

Princess Close

Grenville Close


Tuesday 9th May from 3pm

East Cowes

Kelsey Court

Kent Avenue


Thursday 25th May from 3pm


School Green Road


Tuesday 13th June from 3pm


Alvington Manor View


Wayside Drive

Oakwood Court


Friday 30th June from 3pm

Shanklin &Lake


Kenella Court

Sandown Road


Tuesday 11th July from 3pm


Kerry Fields

Thursday 27th July from 3pm


Jubilee Place

Holm Oak

West View Terrace

Friday 11th August from 3pm



Ashey Road

Bettesworth Road


Tuesday 29th August from 3pm

Ventnor & Wroxall

Ash Court

Badgers Close

Berry Mead

Friday 15th September from 3pm