Although we are a small association and do not have very large estates, we do have areas where we have a number of properties. Inevitably, these also have communal spaces and these need to be properly maintained and managed.

We are also aware that although in many cases needs and issues are individual to residents, there are also times when a collective approach can be welcomed.

Often, there are benefits in feeling part of a local community so that you get to know your neighbours and can on occasions offer and receive a bit of local help and assistance.

We will, over time be looking to develop our support for our neighbourhoods and we are keen to work with groups of residents who feel they would like to build some local projects or initiatives.

Community Projects

We have now introduced a scheme for identifying and funding local community projects. Through this, local communities can come up with ideas that will benefit their neighbourhood, improve community relations and make the locality a nicer place to live.

We are now into our third year of holding community projects, see this link. If you would be interested in such an event for your neighbourhood, do get in touch with Carol, Rosie or Sarah on 01983 525985.

You can also download an explanatory brochure here.