Tenant Profile Form

It is vitally important that Vectis has complete and up-to-date information with which to undertake our landlord role.

You will note that there is an extended range of information requested about your household’s characteristics and financial circumstances. Although I recognise that some of this may seem intrusive, its collection is intended solely for your potential benefit.

The law requires that we understand the diverse nature of our tenants and ensure, where possible that we deliver the same high quality service to everyone, irrespective of their background or capacity. To ensure that this is consistently achieved we need to collect information about ethnic background, religion, disability, etc.

The financial information is purely so that we can look to provide the appropriate level of advice and support to help our tenants cope with what are very trying times. We are also conscious that for working families in receipt of benefits, things may get even more difficult in the future with further welfare reforms in the pipeline.

All of the information provided in this form will be treated in absolute confidence by Vectis Housing Association and will not be passed to any other agency without your express consent.

Please download the form here