Your Rights and Responsibilities

We are very conscious that when you occupy one of our properties that this is primarily your home and we will always look to respect that.  However, in order to safeguard Vectis and other residents, there are certain things which we have to stress as vital, outlined below, for your continued uninterrupted occupation of your tenancy.

Your Rights

Your rights as a tenant will be outlined in your tenancy agreement. You can also get more information about the expectations placed on your landlord by the regulating body. This can be found here.

Your Obligations

The following are the main obligations placed upon you within your Tenancy Agreement.  Some are expanded upon in the tenant handbook

You must:

  • Pay your rent regularly and on time;
  • Look after the interior of your property;
  • Maintain any garden;
  • Allow the Association’s representatives access to your property when required;
  • Respect neighbours’ rights to a peaceful and undisturbed life.

You must not:

  • Create, or allow dependants or visitors to create, nuisance in the neighbourhood;
  • Threaten or abuse, either verbally or physically, any Officer of the Association, or any appointed representative acting on the Association’s behalf;
  • Undertake any form of structural alteration to your property, either internally, or externally, without the express prior approval of the Association;
  • Cause, or allow to be caused, wilful damage to your property, or its garden, or surrounds;
  • Cause, or allow to be caused, similar damage to other people’s property and gardens;
  • Erect any form of structure (shed, aerial, etc.) to the property, or in the garden of the property, without the express prior approval of the Association;
  • Undertake any kind of business activity from your home without the express prior approval of the Association;