Your Tenancy

Starter Tenancies

All households new to Vectis tenancies, who have not moved from other housing association or local authority tenancies will start on Starter Tenancies.

Starter tenancies usually last 12 months and are like a ‘trial’ period.  However, we may choose to extend it for a further 6 months if there are serious concerns about the way you are conducting your tenancy.

Residents become an assured or fixed-term tenant after 12 months, unless we have either started action to evict you or extended your starter tenancy.

At the end of your starter tenancy you’ll be offered either:
An assured tenancy - meaning you can normally live in your property for an unrestricted period, or
A fixed-term tenancy - usually lasting for at least 5 years (we will review in good time before the tenancy expires whether it should be renewed)

Your tenancy can be ended if:
You give us 4 weeks’ notice in writing
We evict you
You transfer your tenancy to someone else or swap homes (applies to assured/fixed-term tenancies)
We need to move you (eg to redevelop your property) – we will offer you a new property.

Fixed Term Tenancies

For new Vectis tenants successfully completing the Starter Tenancy process, you will then be offered a five-year fixed term tenancy.  This will be reviewed after year 4 to see whether there is a basis for renewing it for a further five years.

Reasons for not renewing might include significant under-occupation or overcrowding or a more appropriate alternative property available elsewhere.  If you circumstances have not materially changed and you have conducted your tenancy in a satisfactory manner (i.e. no rent arrears or anti-social behaviour) the likelihood is that we would consider an extension.