Support for Employment and Training

As part of our commitment to financial inclusion, we are currently looking to encourage and support VHA resident and their households to enhance their employability.

In addition to these formal arrangement, we will also do what we can, in conjunction with our contractors and partners to offer a range of flexible training and employment-related opportunities. Although we cannot guarantee to arrange something suitable, we will try our best. If you wish to be considered, please download and complete our employment opportunity form and return it to us at Chapel House, Chapel Street, Newport, PO30 1PZ.

CV Writing

We know that looking for employment opportunities and writing job applications can be a very daunting experience. Having a simple and professional looking CV can help your application stand out and give you a better chance of securing an interview.

Our Community Welfare Officer, Sarah Bonser, is pleased to be offering a free CV writing service to all our tenants. If you feel you would benefit from this service, please contact the office on 525985 to speak to Sarah who will be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to come in to see her


Vectis Housing Association are committed to providing employment opportunities for young people on the Island.

Tom Ince is currently working as Finance Assistant in the Finance Team whilst completing his apprenticeship at the IW College.